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Help Us Further Our Mission of Training & Inspiring Young Music Creators.

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"The Arts Play An Important Role In The Development Of Today's Youth"

We believe music is an art form no different than painting, drawing, or creating sculptures. We believe that music has been de-valued over the past several decades. We want to do our part in helping to change this trend.

We are passionate music creators and enthusiast. We know how important music is to our society and what a major role it plays in our everyday lives. This is why we want to past down our knowledge and passion for the art of music.

"Our mission is to train and inspire the next generation of music creators through exposure, education, and direction."

Our Board

We Are A Group Of Servants Who Are Excited About Our Mission
Shawn Horton - Executive Director
Darnell Anderson - Creative Director
Antonio Evans- Chief Technology Director

If you are interested in volunteering or taking a course, leave us a message.

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