Careers: Music Producer Pros & Cons

Pros to being a music producer, is one, it’s cool, but no, no. It’s a really cool job, first of all. You get to set your own hours, because they’re usually a project based system, so if something is due Friday, and you have a week to do it. You can wait until the day before if you want, or you could start the whole week, so it’s kind of good that you’re not on a schedule.

The other great thing is the self satisfaction, of knowing that the music that you put out, is going to inspire people, in their day to day life. You might write that song that changes that person’s life, or there’s a breakup in a relationship, and it was your song, that gave them the strength, to get over it, so the ability to help people in many ways. Whether it’s positive or you write hard rock, and you’re like making people mosh, you’re triggering emotions in society, and music is the universal language. I thought math was, but I think it’s music. The worst part about being a music producer, I’d probably say, nothing.

Love the job. It’s extremely satisfying, and you get to help people, and invigorate feelings, amongst people that enjoy your music, but if I had to throw something out, it’s definitely managing stress. It is a huge hurdle to overcome. Deadlines and no excuses. People hire you for a job, and it doesn’t matter whether your computer is down, or someone in your family passed away, or you’re breaking up with your girlfriend or something. None of that matters. When stuff is due, it’s due, so it’s this internal struggle between your personal life, and doing your job. Just like anything, but this one is a little different, because there is so much emotion involved, in music production, so the hardest part, or the worst part about being a music producer I’d have to say is that it forces you to face your Doppleganger, and deal with who you are, as a person, but that is no different than a lot of other careers.