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The Future of Music Education

What has been true over the last half century is that there has been a well-defined line between music academies and private studio teachers. A private studio being a studio that is in a home or commercial space where there’s just one teacher seeing up to 50 students. A music academy being an institution that Read more about The Future of Music Education[…]

The Best Way To Learn Music.

Information plus experience. These are the foundations of musical education and probably lots of other kinds of education but, let’s be frank. Music is the only thing I’ve learned how to do. The best way to learn music is through the combination of information and experience. There are lots of people who have great book Read more about The Best Way To Learn Music.[…]

The 7 Most Important Music Production Tips

Hi everyone and welcome back! I’m specially exited To let you know, that this sensei series is sponsored by Skillshare – an online learning community with over 15k classes on a massive verity of subjects Including, you guest it, music production Which of course is the subject of today’s video I’m gonna share with you Read more about The 7 Most Important Music Production Tips[…]

How Does Playing An Instrument Benefit Your Brain?

Did you know that every time musicians pick up their instruments, there are fireworks going off all over their brain? On the outside, they may look calm and focused, reading the music and making the precise and practiced movements required. But inside their brains, there’s a party going on. How do we know this? Well, Read more about How Does Playing An Instrument Benefit Your Brain?[…]

Careers: Music Producer Pros & Cons

Pros to being a music producer, is one, it’s cool, but no, no. It’s a really cool job, first of all. You get to set your own hours, because they’re usually a project based system, so if something is due Friday, and you have a week to do it. You can wait until the day Read more about Careers: Music Producer Pros & Cons[…]

The Benefits of Music Education

Scientific Research Shows Music Study Helps Young Minds Develop……. *In the last several years, the results of a number of scientific studies are building a solid foundation of evidence that music instruction is not only inherently worthy but that it helps young minds grow and flourish.  Music education builds intellect. Source: NAMM Foundation Did You Read more about The Benefits of Music Education[…]